"With an assist from an overly ambitious psychiatry, all human difference is being transmuted into chemical imbalance meant to be treated with a handy pill. Turning difference into illness was among the great strokes of marketing genius accomplished in our time."

Allan Frances, from

Let’s Fight Big Pharma’s Crusade to Turn Eccentricity Into Illness

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“We’ll just let it do what it do.” Gary Oldman, Dramatic Reading of R. Kelly’s Autobiography.


Last week a piano composition by Mozart — written when he was 10 or 11 — was found in an attic in Austria. Here is that piece’s world premiere, performed by Florian Birsak on a piano that belonged to Mozart, in Mozart’s childhood home.

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"Instead of being a space of critical dialogue, analysis, and interpretation, it [the American university system] is increasingly defined as a space of consumption, where ideas are validated in instrumental terms and valued for their success in attracting outside funding while developing increasingly strong ties with corporate and warfare powers"

   - Henry Giroux

Because there is no political strategy for the war — nothing that takes Afghan and Taliban politics into consideration — the U.S. has no concept of how to manage or react to the political consequences of incidents like Sunday’s rampage. That’s why the military was clueless in responding to last month’s Quran burnings, or to January’s Marine urination scandal, or to the “kill team” in Kandahar last year.

At this point, there is little the U.S. can do to salvage the situation in Afghanistan. Sunday’s mass killing is tragic but it is not a game-changing event. Focusing on a long-term commitment to working through Afghanistan politics is a good start — de-emphasizing the military’s role in the conflict and shifting to a politically and socially engaged role would actually address some of these shortcomings.

- Joshua Foust on the war in Afghanistan

Burn infants, feel the wrath of the sun.

Fuck.            Ignore the rumblings in the earth.  There’s death in the air.

While the political dross waxes idiotic,
                                         and the grownups talk,  
                                                  Our leaders are shit.

This goes beyond race or class differences, a transcendence of the worst sort.  Greed.      Religion.          Moral stagnation.                Zealots of the worst kind.

A day without a dawn is on the horizon.
                  We drive on inexorably,        
             ever toward our destiny

My God, my God, we know not what we do. 


“a social system in which one’s work, one’s property, one’s mind, and one’s life are at the mercy of any gang that may muster the vote of a majority at any moment for any purpose.”

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


Sunday study music.